Category: Celtic Reiki Attunements

Nov 18

Goddess Arianrhod Empowerment

Goddess Arianhod Empowerment

Goddess Arianrhod Empowerment Goddess Arianrhod Empowerment was channeled and founded by Elizabeth “Midnightowl” Hibel as part of the LightWorker Series. This is a lovely empowerment to bring you into alignment with the energies of the Celtic Goddess Arianrhod. Arianrhod is known as the Lady of the Silver Wheel (Full Moon). She is a major Welsh Goddess …

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Nov 08

Goddess Cerridwen Empowerment

Cerridwen Empowerment

Goddess Cerridwen Empowerment Cerridwen Empowerment was channeled by Elizabeth Hibel and is one of the LightWorker Series of Empowerments. In her manual to accompany this empowerment Elizabeth adds,”The dark goddess, Cerridwen, of great wisdom, prophetic foresight, and magical shape-shifting abilities lends us her relentless energy and focus required to achieve our ultimate goals.” This is …

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Aug 04

Angelic Aura Radiance

Angelic Aura Radiance

Angelic Aura Radiance Angelic Aura Radiance was channeled and founded by Reiki Master Hari Andri Winarso. In his manual to accompany this attunement Hari writes about the system… “Angelic Aura Radiance is an excellent Aura Cleanser energy and acts to stimulate and clear all of the Chakra Energy Centers. The energy is very peaceful and relaxing, leaving …

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May 31

Celtic Wisdom Reiki Attunement

Celtic Wisdom Reiki Please note that you need to be attuned to Usui Reiki Master level in order to receive the Celtic Wisdom Reiki Energy attunement. This exciting energy system was channeled and created by Steve Malcolm to celebrate the energies from the Summer Solstice 2003. The 10 symbols forming the Celtic Wisdom Energy System were …

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May 23

Celtic Reiki Attunement – 3 Levels

Celtic Reiki Attunement – 3 Levels Celtic Reiki is a beautiful form of Reiki originally channeled by Martyn Pentecost, the course is written by Pamela Jordan. This course is for all 3 levels- level 1, 2 and Master level. Celtic Reiki places a strong emphasis on working with nature and it’s own unique vibration. It uses …

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