Free Reiki Attunements

Free Reiki AttunementsFree Reiki Attunements

I have found a number of excellent free reiki attunements that I would like to offer everyone who is interested.

These free reiki attunements are all SELF ATTUNEMENTS, activated by your intention. Information on activation is given in each manual.

Self attunements are a great way to give yourself a boost and lift your spiritual well being.

These attunements, whilst being free are by no means of less energetic value than any other Reiki attunement, many of them awaken very powerful energies.  They are merely being offered for free because they are self attunements and you do not require another person to send or pass on the attunement to you.

You will receive from me a manual (via e-mail) giving you information on the background of the attunement, how to use it and how to activate it.

This month’s Free Reiki Attunements are:

Whale Spiral Song Self Empowerment

Written and channeled by Craig Farquharson

This is a beautiful self attunement that taps into the Whales song, “Let the whales teach you how to hear their songs. They sing of the spiral of life and love. The hope that burns between the stars.The courage to go on.”


Salamander Elemental of Fire Self Empowerment

Written and channeled by “El”

Another beautiful self attunement by “El”. “The Spirit Realm of the Element Fire is inhabited by the Salamanders….Spiritual Beings the strongest and most powerful of all Elementals….being mindful of this….respect is given in our dealings with these Elemental Beings….”



I am going to offer two free reiki attunements a month, if you would like to receive one or both of the free reiki attunements just complete the form below and submit it and I’ll get your manuals to as quickly as I can!
Please state which attunement you would like in the comments section, or just type “both”.