Reiki Attunement Offers

Reiki Attunement OffersReiki Attunement Offers

Welcome to my Reiki Attunement Offers page, where each month I’ll be offering you the chance to purchase attunements at discount prices, either as a multiple buy or singularly.

Reiki Attunement Offers  -March 2017

This month I’m offering any THREE of the following animal empowerments for £10.

Animal empowerments are a great way to connect and work with your animal guides/totems.

Please click on each attunement to read more details, BUT be sure to use the pay button on this page to take advantage of this offer.

Koala Empowerment Reiki

Koala Empowerment founded by Brenda Hanlon.

Individuals with koala medicine often require periods of isolation and an environment with little noise. Emotional expression is difficult which can make intimate relationships challenging. The koala teaches us how to be comfortable with our own company.

Deer Medicine Empowerment

Deer Medicine Empowerment is part of the LightWorkers Series, channeled by Lisa “Ladywolf” Center. This is a lovely, gentle empowerment to bring Deer Medicine into your life.

Deer people heal others through warmth and caring. The love and innocence that shines behind their eyes can heal the deepest of wounds

Frog Empowerment

Frog Empowerment was channeled by Brenda Hanlon.

Frog teaches of cleansing and honoring our tears because they cleanse the soul.
Frog can teach you when it’s time to refresh, purify and refill the coffers of the soul. It teaches you to breathe, relax, step away from stress in what ever form it make be appearing in your life.

Scarab Empowerment

Scarab Empowerment was channeled by Brenda Hanlon.

The scarab is a symbol of transformation and re-birth.

The Scarab is a symbol of the sun and an emblem of Egyptian god Khepera, the god of the Sun and immortality. The Scarab brings new life and vitality. It can teach you how to pace yourself through the seasonal changes of the year. Also, gives insight into past lives and spiritual enlightenment.

Crow Empowerment

Crow Empowerment was channeled by Elizabeth Hibel. This is a wonderful energy empowerment to bring you into alignment with crow medicine.

Crow is the medicine of the “Universal Law”. If you are blessed with the medicine of Crow you are so in tune with the law of the universe you are able to bend the law of the physical universe.

Dog Empowerment

Dog Empowerment is brought to us and channeled by Elizabeth Hibel, in her manual to accompany this empowerment she writes, “If you have discovered the dog to be your totem animal, it is quite likely that you prize dependability, loyalty, and faithfulness as primary virtues in your selection of friends…”

Turtle Medicine Empowerment

Part of the LightWorker series channeled by Lisa Center.

Turtles are a part of many creation myths. They are respected and well spoken of in Chinese lore as well as the natives of America. They have strong lunar energy….This energy also reminds us to take time to assess where you have been and what is going on in your life so you will know where you need to go next.


This package deal is for any of the above three attunements, manuals, chi balls and certificates.




Reiki Attunement Offers March

Unit Price: £10.00 each